Patient information on Allergy Easy Program

The Allergy Easy program is a form of immunotherapy using sublingual drops. The serum used is a universal serum, so allergy testing can be used to determine which plants and other allergens you are allergic to, but does not affect the makeup of the serum. If you've been previously tested no further testing is required. This is very similar to regular immunotherapy given by injection with some exceptions:

  • The serum is universal
  • The serum is given under the tongue instead of an injection
  • There is no risk of anaphylactic reactions
  • The cost is much less than immunotherapy shots.


 The Allergy Easy serum is administered at home. You'll be given a kit containing your allergy serum. The the kit will contain eight color-coded dropper bottles. The eighth file in the series is the maintenance vial. You will start with the first bottle. The drops are held under the tongue for two minutes. You can take them any time of day without regard to meals, although they should not be taken during a meal, they can be taken right before a meal or right after.

This is a very easy program to follow.. Your instruction sheet will tell you how many drops take and which bottle to use. When you get your serum you will take out the first bottle labeled number one and leave the rest of the kit in the refrigerator. The bottle you use for your everyday use does not need to be refrigerated. Once you are finished with that bottle, do not throw the bottle away but put it back into the allergy kit and take out the next bottle in the series. It should take you 70 days to reach the bottle number eight which is the maintenance vial You will be given a clear instruction guide with day by day instructions on how many drops of each vial to take.


The primary costs are the initial office visits, which are required for proper medical supervision of the program. These office visits are billable to your insurance company. The only other costs involved is the cost of the Allerg Easy serum, which may not be covered to any great degree by your insurance company. The cost of the treatment set is $200 for a three-month supply, which works out to about $66 per month or $12 per week.